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Experiential Marketing

Knowing that almost 25% of its fans are under 18, WWE realized it had an opportunity to make a big impact on childhood literacy rates by leveraging the influence of superstars to encourage a love of reading in kids across the nation, but they needed the right platform to get the message out.

We helped WWE team up with We Give Books and YALSA to create the WrestleMania Reading Challenge, an engaging online contest challenging students to read free books online for a chance to win a trip to WrestleMania and other great prizes.

We transformed the We Give Books digital platform to convey the brand and messaging of WWE, creating an online destination where younger students selected a Superstar Reading Buddy and were asked to read at least one book to enter. Older students were each paired with a WWE pen pal and challenged to write an essay persuading the top superstar to read a favorite book of the student’s choosing. To date, over 100,000 readers have participated in the challenge.


The superstars of WWE didn’t stop at the digital world – they wanted meet their young fans to bring the challenge to life. We put our mobile events team to work visiting major WWE markets to deliver celebrity hosts for in-school Reading Celebrations. Our team created custom events, incorporating some of the biggest names in the business in literacy pep rallies that gave the stars a chance to convey the message that whether your dream is to become a WWE Superstar or a zoologist, reading is the first step toward success.

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