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The Bay Race


January 1, 2021 - April 15 2021

Race Information


The Bay Race challenges you to run, walk, or bike 310 miles between January 1 and April 15, 2021. You can take part in alone or in a team. But this event is about more than just this. The Bay Race is ultimately about you, really. Our goal is to make you mentally and physically fit for a Breakout 2021. We want to engage you as an athlete, as a person, and as a part of a bigger community. Here’s how:


  • You’re an athlete. The Bay Race challenges you to 'race-in-place' 310-miles on the SF Bay Trail. This virtual race is meant as a New Year's resolution. You are committing to biking or riding, inside or outside, for up to 100 days, depending on how long it takes you to cover the distance. If you're working with a team, you're working together to meet this goal. Want to get outside? Every 25 miles, we send you a badge that describes where you would be and offers things to do in that physical place. You can go at any time. Bring a friend!

  • You’re a person. More to than that. You are a person who's just gotten through 2020. We’ve had pandemic, recession,
    and fire. And that’s just the start. That’s why our ‘badges’ are more than athletic milestones because your ‘resolutions’
    need to be about more than drinking too much on New Year’s Eve. Each 50 miles you receive a Resolution Badge.
    What were the things that got you through 2020? Was Friendship important? At Mile 250, you'll have a chance to
    think about it a bit and, hopefully, give a shoutout of thanks to your friends in social media, by email or text. You can
    also share in the Facebook group the things you are thinking and feeling. It will make you feel good and will make
    others feel good too. Need to think about all these things more? Keep a journal based on the badges and weave them
    into your 2021 resolutions. We encourage you to make this as deep or as silly as you like.


  • You belong to something bigger. The Bay Race connects you to the greater community but supporting Seneca. We believe in Seneca’s mental health services for children and families and offer them our full-throated support. Why? Because if you’ve had a challenging year, think of all those with fewer resources and greater life challenges and the incredible downward pressure of this time. Ask any mental health professional what they are seeing in the world. Supporting Seneca allows The Bay Race to directly support mental health services throughout California and Washington. If you give or choose to raise money, you can target your support by region to bring it all to your community or one you care about.

For more about how The Bay Race works, check out the FAQ section.



There are 4 Events in The Bay Race. 3 are for individuals and 1 is for teams. They are: 

  • 500k/310 mile Run/Walk. This can be any form of walking or running, including using a treadmill. 

  • 500k/310 mile Indoor/Outdoor Bike. This can include riding on an indoor trainer and is meant for athletes that log miles on the road or trail on an outdoor bike. Indoor miles on a trainer count, too. It is Winter, after all.

  • 500k/310 mile Indoor Only/Peloton. This event is meant for athletes riding indoors exclusively, on a Petolon, stationary bike, or any kind of trainer.

  • 500k/310 mile Run/Walk Team Challenge. Your team can be any size and the activity is walking, or running, including using a treadmill. This is a great option for friends and co-workers. You can also add team members at any time. Interested in creating a division for the bike or Peleton? Email us. 

Tracking System

Taking part in the Bay Race is easy. Just run, walk, bike, or Peleton. Then, load your results manually or have them feed seamlessly from your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Peleton, and any many other devices using Strava (which is free) into our tracking platform from Socially Distanced Sports (SODISP). Follow yourself on the map of the SF Bay Trail each day and race to finish first. Click here and see what a leaderboard and interactive map look like! 


Registration for The Bay Race is hosted by RunSignup. You can register by clicking on REGISTER in the menu bar.​ Registration costs $60 for individuals and $40 for members of a team. During registration, you'll be asked for your shirt size. We offer a discount for those who don't care for a shirt. 


Once you complete registration, you'll receive a confirmation email. That email will contain your login information for ​the Socially Distanced Sports (SODISP) tracking platform, where all your results will be listed and your progress will appear in the interactive map along with all the other athletes.

Shirt and Medal Pickup Options

At registration, you have the choice of selecting any Bay Area Sports Basement location for pickup. The dates will be announced in January. For a few dollars, we are happy to mail yours to you.


Our Partners

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