Girl Rising


In 2013, the award-winning film Girl Rising brought international attention to the issues surrounding girls’ education in the developing world. The film’s producer, The Documentary Group, along with partners Vulcan Productions, CNN Films, and Intel, knew that the film could have ongoing impact in the classroom. But turning a feature-length film into an educational program required a team with significant experience making things teachers can use. That's where Scena came in.

To spark interest within the education community, we created a standards-aligned, companion curriculum to the Girl Rising. The result? In the first year alone, more than 2,000 teachers used the curriculum to engage students in the issue of girls' education. ​Together with Girl Rising’s partners, we’re proud that schools around the world encourage students to think about important issues tied to educating girls — and about their own responsibilities not just as members of their local communities, but also as global citizens. 

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